Breathing Air Compressors

MX250/300 Silent

250-300 L/min  225/330bar

The silent casing not only reduces noise levels, but it also optimises the cold air supply at the same time.

This ensures reliable output and high-quality air, even when the device is in continuous operation.

MX250-silent .jpg

The compressor control system ensures perfect monitoring of the operating parameters and therefore optimum operating safety.


Low rpm rates, low vibration and quiet operation are the stand out features of the MX250/300 Classic series. 

 The MX filter system 170 comprises of an intergrated condensation filter process that uses a coalescence filter and a long-life filter cartridge for perfect breathing air.


The MX silent series can easily be converted into an automatic system by virtue of an extensive array of features.




MX250/300 Silent
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